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Speaker Nominee: Amena Brown Owen

Amena Brown Owen

Poet and Speaker

Amena Brown Owen

Who is she: As a poet, speaker, journalist, and event host Amena Brown’s words excite, ignite and inspire. Whether in front of audiences as intimate as 50 or as sprawling as 20,000, she has something to say that matters.

The author of a chapbook and two spoken word CDs, Amena has performed and spoken at events across the nation such as The RightNow Conference, Creativity World Forum, Catalyst Conference, Chick-fil-A Leadercast, the 2008 National Poetry Slam Competition, as well as touring with Gungor.

She and her husband, Matt “DJ Opdiggy” Owen travel and perform “God.Rhyme.Reason.,” a presentation of poetry, monologue and deejaying on doubt, faith and hope. They also host a regular open mic in Atlanta every fifth Thursday at Urban Grind Coffee.

Along with her spoken word recordings, Amena has participated in numerous professional and live recordings including the Caring Communities documentary, 97.1 JAMZ spoken word ads and a collection of video poems with Bluefish TV and BigStuf Productions.

As a freelance journalist, Amena has been published in Southeast Performer Magazine, Charlotte Creative Loafing, Atlanta Creative Loafing, Atlanta INtown Newspaper, and CatalystSpace.com. She also speaks at conferences and events for high school and college students, young adults, and women, where she has facilitated several workshops and breakout sessions on creativity, singleness, writing, and building artistic community.

As a part of a generation that is searching for the real and the genuine in an age of constant carbon copy, Amena is both regal and dramatic in her creative interpretation on the stage, and in her candid and expressive conversation one on one. This nonconformist lends her voice to finding inspiration, truth, and purpose and encourages those she encounters to do the same.

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